Philips Pregnancy+

As a post producer for Philips’ Pregnancy+ app, I specialize in video editing, color grading, and audio balancing. My work, exclusive to Premium subscribers, enhances the user experience with polished, high-quality video content. Here, you’ll find before and after screenshots showcasing my editing expertise.

Aline + Robin

An unforgettable wedding video featuring Aline and Robbin’s love story, expertly crafted by Marco in stunning 4K. From bridal preparations to the heartfelt ceremony and joyous festivities, every magical moment is beautifully documented.


A few corporate videos I created for Virtuagym, a software company for the fitness industry.


Promotional video for Insieme Ristorante Italiano, crafted for Social Media and Website

A Casa Tua

During pandemic time, you could choose to order Insieme Restaurant’s most iconic dishes and complete them at home! I realised simple tutorials that clients could follow after receiving the ingredients at home.

That’s Amore

Promotional video for a popular Italian Food Stand in Amsterdam, hosted by the food court Market33. Client requested a social media oriented video commercial, to show their most popular dishes and their vibe.

The Green Pepper Mill

Pilot episode of a brand new YouTube channel, about to be launched soon: The Green Pepper Mill, Italian recipes shown by the cooking teacher Nicoletta Tavella.

Sniffing Coke

Runner-up in the the Video Journalist Award “Generazione Reporter 2012”, promoted by the most popular TV journalism broadcast in Italy at that time.
Topic: The Trieste steel plant has been a source of debate in the city for years. Those who emphasize the employment issue are opposed to those who struggle to defend their health and the health of other residents, who have always lived surrounded by toxic Coke black powder and other carcinogenic substances.